No Computer Tuning of vehicles built elsewhere

No Computer Tuning of vehicles built elsewhere

May 20th 2016 - We would like to reiterate that EnglandGreen will NOT computer tune ANY vehicle built elsewhere. After bending our rule, once again - as usual - we were bitten in the behind. No more!!! Sorry for the inconvenience caused, but there will be zero exceptions from now on.

We are sorry, but we will only computer tune if it is stock or built by EnglandGreen. That is the line. We spend way too much time fixing leaking exhaust, vacuum leaks, O2 sensors not responding, cracked spark plugs, broken spark plug wires, incorrectly routed PCV system, rockers not torqued down, incorrect pushrod length... the list is almost infinite. And this is just from "bolt-on" cars. Add a cam, stall, blower, meth, fuel system etc. and it just gets worse and worse and worse. Again, we apologize for this change in policy but it has become necessary.

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