Modifications Primer

Corvette Modifications Primer : A few things to consider if you wish to modify your Corvette for High Performance. 

So you want to modify your C6 or C5 Corvette for high performance. Here are some things that you should consider first. 

What is your driving style? Are you a drag racer? Autocross? Road racer? Weekend warrior? Show car? Stoplight to stoplight? Or simply highway fun? Or a combination of all or some of these choices? 

How you drive and enjoy your Corvette will directly determine what modification you should make to your Corvette. 

Nothing is free. Every modification you make to your stock Corvette will involve some kind of compromise. You are not going to make 800 rear wheel horsepower and get 30 miles per gallon with a whisper quiet exhaust as well as drive and idle like stock. That is not going to happen. 

The trick is to be totally honest with yourself and decide what compromises you can live with and which ones you cannot. For example, if you want to achieve 500rwhp naturally aspirated, expect a big cam with a loping idle. Expect to lose some fuel efficiency. Expect your Corvette to not drive like stock. 

You can start with simple bolt-ons like an aftermarket air filter, long tube headers and cat-back exhaust system. The next logical step is a camshaft only upgrade or heads and camshaft. Along with the bolt-ons, you can be comfortably at the 425-450rwhp range, all naturally aspirated. Or you could bypass the bolt-ons and simply have a supercharger or twin turbocharger system installed. An alternative to bolt-on might be rear gears (along with a stall converter for the automatics). Gears can also compliment your other modifications. 

It all depends on what you wish to achieve. 

As you increase the stock Corvette from it's 300-340rwhp (C5-C6) or 435rwhp (C6 Z06) to circa 550rwhp on the stock bottom end, expect to have to upgrade other aspects of your drivetrain, cooling and suspension. Remember, nothing is free. 

Beyond 550rwhp, we strongly recommend a forged engine as you will be on borrowed time. At this point, your clutch/stall converter will have to be upgraded along with torque tube connectors, transmission and differential. Cooling must be addressed as well as the always overlooked and often forgotten bulletproof fuel system. At this point, methanol injection for boosted applications is almost mandatory. Suspension, brakes, wheels and tyres should also be seriously addressed, along with additional safety systems like a 6 point or better rollcage and so on. A Corvette that is very fast is no fun if it also does not handle and stop. 

High performance is not a cheap hobby and it is best to be very aware of this fact going in so you do not encounter any surprises. 

But no matter what your budget, we can tailor a system to suit your current and future needs. So please drop us a line or give us a call to discuss your Generation 5 & 6 Corvette high performance needs.

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