Delay in vehicle delivery clarification

Delay in vehicle delivery clarification

Over the past few years, some customers have voiced concerns over delivery dates slipping. This is completely understandable and we would like to clarify why this happens.

Please understand that we have no control over our vendors and they know it; the Corvette aftermarket is a very small segment of the larger performance market and the number of reputable vendors is extremely limited. As such, we are bent over a barrel by our vendors with no recourse like “taking our businesses elsewhere” because there is no “elsewhere" to go to.

It is important to note that we do everything in our power to deliver a quality product on time and within budget.

With very few exceptions, the primary reasons for missed delivery date are as follows :

EnglandGreen is not responsible for any delays caused by unavailability of parts, correct parts ordered but incorrect parts shipped, manufacturer defects, third party delays or delays in parts shipments by a supplier, courier company or transporter. 

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